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5. Singapore! 1938.11-1939.6

In October 1938, the Japanese invaders captured Guangzhou, and the transportation between Hong Kong and Guangzhou was interrupted. At that time, the Burma Highway was completed and opened to traffic. Arms and equipment, as well as public and private goods, are transferred into China via Myanmar. Zhaokai, Zhiguo, Qinan, Chengfu and I were sent to work in the Singapore branch.

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5. 新加坡!1938年11月至1939年6月

1938年10月日寇攻陷广州,港穗运输中断。当时滇缅公路已建成通车。军火器材等以及公私商品都经缅甸转运入国。我和兆锴,之国,启南,成辅被派到新加坡 (Singapore) 分处工作,大约在11月中同乘意大利邮船 VITORIA 轮赴新加坡。

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5. 新加坡!1938年11月至1939年6月(繁体)


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4. A Year in Hong Kong 1937.10-1938.10

The Hong Kong Office of the Ordnance Industry Department was established immediately after Fang Zhaohao arrived in Hong Kong. Kai served as the secretary, and the organization publicly was called the Mainland China Company. There were already several people engaged in delivery work in Hong Kong, so they expanded the establishment of departments. Kai arranged me to do report work in the business department.

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2. My Primary School and Middle School

From 1925 to 1928, I studied in the private school of my brother-in-law Gu Huanqing for more than three years. When I was ten (1925) in the second half of the year, my parents sent me to my third uncle’s house in Juqianjie, Changzhou. I joined Changzhou Wuyang Primary School with my second uncle’s grandson Yuan Zhenhuan (now retired in Suzhou City).

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2. 常州武阳小学和上海南洋中学


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1. 孩童時代,親人,家境(繁体)


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1. Childhood, Family, Family Background

I was born in Maoyan Village, Wujin, Jiangsu Province on September 27 of the lunar calendar, 1916. There were five sisters and brothers, including the eldest sister, the second sister, the Kai brother, me, and the Chang brother. Before the age of five, I was not in good health, and often got sick and I was cured by my uncle. Therefore, my parents found a godmother surnamed Shi for me.

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