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    The Order of Time

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    We usually think that time is an objectively existing entity that acts on everything, and it must be from the past to the future. We can only live in the present, remember the past, and look forward to the future. People would be shocked to know that time does not exist.

    "The Order of Time" is a book on the philosophy of science published in 2017 by Italian theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli. This book is about the nature of time and its different manifestations in physics, philosophy, literature and everyday life.

    In the book, Rovelli first introduces the history and concept of time, and explores the performance of time in different disciplines. He talked about physicists' understanding of time, including Newton's concept of time in classical physics, space-time theory in relativity, and time evolution in quantum mechanics. At the same time, Rovelli combined the concept of time with philosophy and literature, and analyzed the importance and role of time in human culture and psychology. He delves into how humans perceive and remember time, how time is uniquely human, and how time affects our lives and behaviors.

    Finally, Rovelli developed his own theory of time, arguing that time is not a static, ubiquitous entity, but is composed of physical and informational processes. He believes that the nature of time is randomness and uncertainty, which is of great significance to our understanding of the nature of the universe and its future development.

    Overall, The Order of Time is a comprehensive work that explores the nature and different manifestations of time, offering new perspectives and ways of thinking that help us better understand the world around us.

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    Watch the video: The Truth About Time: Time Doesn't Exist, It Doesn't Go From Past to Future

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    Chinese name of ChatGPT


    3 days ago I wrote a blog post, "Give ChatGPT a catchy and meaningful first-class Chinese name". Today I want to ask ChatGPT personally, I don't know if ChatGPT likes the name "聊天格", the following is our conversation:

    我:  你有中文名字吗?

    ChatGPT: I don't have a Chinese name, you can call me ChatGPT.

    我:  我给你起个中文名字,不知你是否喜欢?

    ChatGPT: Okay, I am willing to accept the Chinese name you gave me.

    我:  “聊天格” 不但朗朗上口,意义也是一流。 “格” 物致知的意思是 to pursue the principles of things and summarize them as rational knowledge。“格” 也可译文Grid,an infinite network of lines that cross each other to form a series of squares。这代表“聊天格”广博的知识,训练有素,和有序的架构。

    ChatGPT: Thank you for giving me such a good Chinese name, I am very happy to be called "聊天格”.

    The conversation is over. ChatGPT made me feel very cordial and humble, like chatting with an old friend. I hope "聊天格" will become the Chinese name of ChatGPT.

    Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

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    Give ChatGPT a catchy and meaningful first-class Chinese name

    If you use Google to translate "ChatGPT", the translation you get is "聊天GPT". This name is neither Chinese nor English, we should give ChatGPT a resounding Chinese name.

    Most Chinese names have three characters, and the first two already exist, which is "聊天(chat)". Just add another word. Moreover, the word should be in a flat tone, so it can be read easily.

    The full name of ChatGPT is Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer. Chat is chatting. We take the first two letters Ge of Generative as Chinese Pinyin, and we get three commonly used Chinese characters, "歌", "哥", and "格". "Chat Song" is not good, people will think it is a song. "Chat Brother" is also not good, too tacky. The last one is pretty awesome.



    "聊天格" is not only catchy, but also has first-class meaning. 格物致知 means to pursue the principles of things and summarize them as rational knowledge. 格 can also be translated as Grid, an infinite network of lines that cross each other to form a series of squares. This represents the "聊天格" extensive knowledge, well-trained, and orderly structure.

    Created on 2023.1.25 and revised on 2023.1.30

    Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

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    The Most Popular OpenAI ChatGPT Chat Robot

    The world-renowned Microsoft (MSFT) has invested in OpenAI's artificial intelligence chatbot chatGPT. This is to advance cutting-edge artificial intelligence research and build artificial intelligence into a new technology platform.

    Among the core technologies of artificial intelligence are machine learning, natural language processing and robotics. OpenAI has developed a number of influential AI technologies, including GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) chat language model and DALL-E (Deep Autoencoder for Lifelong Learning – Evolution) image generation model based on text, and through the Ethics and Society Research Program and other initiatives to promote the responsible development and use of artificial intelligence.

    So what kind of artificial intelligence is such a popular OpenAI chatGPT chat robot? chat GPT is an optimized language model specially used for dialogue, which can be man-machine dialogue or machine-machine dialogue. It would be fun to have two chatbots talking to each other! GPT, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is an autoregressive generative language model. It is a product of deep machine learning based on a neural network that understands and responds to human language. A large amount of training is performed on a large text data set in advance, and the next word in the sequence is predicted according to the context of the previous word during the dialogue, thereby generating a natural language that humans can understand. Transformer refers specifically to the architecture of the AI ​​model.

    Please watch the video below to learn how to use chatGPT.

    Earn money with chatGPT

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    Artemis 1 Lunar Rocket Launches For the First Time!

    Launched from Launch Complex 39B at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) launched Artemis 1 rocket. It is named after Artemis, the twin sister of the sun god Apollo and the moon goddess in Greek mythologyThe launch is the beginning of a series of exploration activities.

    NASA's Giant Rocket Makes Fascination and History. Early in the morning on November 16, 2022, the Space Launch System in Cape Canaveral, Florida sent the uncrewed Orion spacecraft into the sky.  Although many hydrogen leaks and two hurricanes have swept the rocket base at the Kennedy Space Center in the past, NASA succeeded perfectly this time! This flight test around the moon is not manned. The successor Artemis 2 will carry people around the moon, and Artemis 3 will carry people to the moon. NASA's planned Artemis missions will put the first non-white man and first woman on the lunar surface. In the future, it will stay on the moon for a long time, and start to go to Mars and conduct more distant deep space exploration missions.

     The Artemis program is on track to lead America back to the moon and inspire the next generation of young Americans to be active in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

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