Everything is Light

Tesla (Nikola Tesla) once said: "If you want to understand the mysteries of the universe, then imagine that everything is light." This sentence means that light is a very important force, it is the most important force in the universe. One of the fundamental elements, it is also a tool that can explain and explore the mysteries of the universe.

Tesla believed that light plays a very important role in the universe. It is the transmitter of energy and information and the key to human beings' knowledge of the universe. He believes that by studying the nature and behavior of light, we can understand the nature of the universe and reveal its laws and secrets.

In addition, this sentence of Tesla can also be understood as saying that everything is made of energy, first of all energy, which can be converted into matter later. Matter is created from primordial eternal energy, and energy can be thought of as a form of light. Therefore, everything can be interpreted as different forms and changes of light, including the transformation of matter and energy, the transmission and processing of information, and so on.

What is the core secret of the universe?

Tesla's 100-year-old prophecy was confirmed!


Image by PIRO from Pixabay


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