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The Order of Time

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We usually think that time is an objectively existing entity that acts on everything, and it must be from the past to the future. We can only live in the present, remember the past, and look forward to the future. People would be shocked to know that time does not exist.

"The Order of Time" is a book on the philosophy of science published in 2017 by Italian theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli. This book is about the nature of time and its different manifestations in physics, philosophy, literature and everyday life.

In the book, Rovelli first introduces the history and concept of time, and explores the performance of time in different disciplines. He talked about physicists' understanding of time, including Newton's concept of time in classical physics, space-time theory in relativity, and time evolution in quantum mechanics. At the same time, Rovelli combined the concept of time with philosophy and literature, and analyzed the importance and role of time in human culture and psychology. He delves into how humans perceive and remember time, how time is uniquely human, and how time affects our lives and behaviors.

Finally, Rovelli developed his own theory of time, arguing that time is not a static, ubiquitous entity, but is composed of physical and informational processes. He believes that the nature of time is randomness and uncertainty, which is of great significance to our understanding of the nature of the universe and its future development.

Overall, The Order of Time is a comprehensive work that explores the nature and different manifestations of time, offering new perspectives and ways of thinking that help us better understand the world around us.

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