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The Mystery of the Easter Island Giants

Chile's Easter Island is isolated overseas, about 3,600 kilometers away from the mainland of Chile. This is a palm tree-covered paradise island, beautiful and rich. Why is it now a desolate place with many huge stone statues, no trees and even weeds on the ground are sparse?


The Fantasy Drifting of Boy Pi

The Fantasy Drifting of Boy Pi (Life of Pi) is a 2012 American 3D film directed by Ang Lee, which hides a story of three layers of mystery.

Universe 25

Universe 25 is famous because scientists gave lab mice unrestricted access to food and water and kept away from the threat of predators in an enclosed space. Watch them flourish and self-destruct in this way. This experiment may also predict the future of our humanity.

Image by Jolande from Pixabay


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