18. May the Future Generations be Virtuous

The era I live in has gone through the Second World War in the early stage, and civil wars are frequent. It can be compared to thunder, lightning, and storms, but my personal situation can be compared to an indoor swimming pool. A pool of clear water, the water is calm, Basically, I lived smoothly and safely until I was seventy years old.

I personally rely on my father to teach Nanyang Middle School, so that I can study for free until I graduate from high school, and I have the conditions to enter the society to work, otherwise I may work in the countryside for the rest of my life. After relying on Brother Kai to support me and take me to Hong Kong resolutely, this is a turning point. I have been able to work in Hong Kong, Singapore, Myanmar, Chongqing, India, Shanghai and other places so far. I have retired honorably and spent my old age peacefully. These two key points are always in my mind.


In our hometown, my grandfather and father passed away when they were only fifty years old, which is too early. My grandmother lived at sixty-nine, my mother at eighty, and my aunt at seventy-six, but none of them enjoyed the support of their children and grandchildren, I have pity. Our five sisters and brothers, elder brother-in-law, second brother-in-law, sister-in-law Fang, and Zhongxian, except for the second brother-in-law who died of illness at the age of forty, it is a pity that the eldest brother-in-law died of an incurable disease in his sixties, and the eldest sister Nearly 80 years old and died of illness, the remaining five of us can expect to be 80, 90 or even 100 years old, which is unknown.

Brothers, sisters-in-law and nephews went overseas and suffered hardships, so I can imagine that the situation has improved since then, which is very gratifying. All my nephews have made progress in studies, and each of them has obtained a doctorate or a master’s degree. They are often praised in my hometown and are the pride of my family. The student surpasses the master, which is a comfort to the ancestors. There are five generations from the generation of great-grandparents. It can be said that the parents are loving, the children are filial, the sisters, brothers and sisters-in-law are harmonious.


Zhongxian and I have only two sons, and they are very talented, especially ten times better than me in mathematics. The eldest son was eager to learn since he was a child, and he didn’t want to waste time. He read widely when he had time, was able to work hard, and studied by himself at ordinary times. He did not waste his good time. He returned to Shanghai in the winter of 1978 to get married in Xinghualou Hotel, Fuzhou Road, Shanghai. In 1979, he was qualified to go to the United States for an internship. In the spring of 1980, he went to the United States for more than a year. In the early summer of 1981, he returned to China. After returning to China, he and his wife had a daughter in 1982, who is now three years old.

The younger son got married on March 11, 1982, at Xinya Hotel, Nanjing Road, Shanghai. In the spring of 1983, he and his wife had a daughter, who is now two years old. He was good at studies, outstanding in mathematics, and have a strong will to go abroad for further study. After his own conditions were met, he was lucky enough to be sponsored by brother Kai, the second nephew,  and was able to go abroad to study in the United States on May 28, 1983. He has passed both TOEFL and GRE tests, and got higher scores, ready for graduate studies, and we are very happy in our hearts. I hope that the younger son will have gratitude. It is not easy to get this opportunity. Without the support of brother Kai and the guarantee of the second nephew, how could he go abroad for further study. Further solid study and hard work, in order to learn something, strive for development, and repay the kindness of cultivation.

I am extremely satisfied with my life. Although I am not very smart and have not made any achievements and contributions to my family and country, I can only hope that future generations will surpass their ancestors and win glory for my Zhuang family. Once I ride a crane back to the west (pass away), I will surely smile at Jiuquan (the underworld), I can already make this conclusion first.

Zhuang Handing,April 20, 1984


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