14. Victory in the War

At the beginning of 1945, the Wartime Production Bureau was established in China, and Weng Wenhao served as the director, mainly taking over the unified distribution of CDS materials and improving the production level. Chen Changtong was appointed as the Deputy Director of the Priority Division (the director was concurrently served by the Deputy Director of the bureau Peng Xuepei) and Zhang Zuping was transferred to Chongqing as the head of the accounting team of the Priority Division. This accounting team took charge of the CDS material account. Zhang Zuping asked me to return to Chongqing to assist the team. I had been abroad for two years, and my salary was still being paid in India, so I took the US military transport plane to Dibrugarh on August 6th, 1945 (because I can bring more things and the fare was cheaper than the China Airlines, so I took the US plane) Wei Weiheng and Shen Huilin were in charge of the work there. I stayed in the dormitory of the Ordnance Department. Unexpectedly, the next day, I was about to contact the plane, and suddenly heard the news of Japan’s surrender. Everyone was jubilant to celebrate victory.

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All US military aircraft were suspended. Representatives of the Eastern District Representative Office and various agencies held a celebration party in the representative office. After ten days, normal U.S. military planes resumed operations as usual, and on the 15th, the U.S. military notified me to fly to Kunming. Stayed in Kunming for one night and continued to fly to the airport near Chongqing Gele mountain the next day. On August 22nd, 1945, I returned to Chongqing in a very happy mood.

At that time, Zhongxian was first introduced by her uncle to work in the quartermaster factory. Later, because I wanted to return to Chongqing and Sichuan Education College could provide a family dormitory, Yu Huifang, who was working there, introduced Zhongxian to work in the accounting department of the Sichuan Education College. Zhongxian was allocated a dormitory. After the war was won, and it was a long-lost reunion, the joy at that time was beyond words. On the next day, I went to the 20th factory to visit my sister-in-law Fang, nephew Ning and both Shi’s and Zheng’s homes. Brother Kai was still in India at that time.


Due to the victory, the situation had changed drastically. After I reported to the priority office, I was sent the audit team to assist Zuping in the name of a commissioner. However, all the materials in India were stopped transportation except for those that were urgently needed, so there was actually no work. After Zhang Zuping considered his future, he was introduced by Liu Nianzhi to He Molin, Director of the Storage and Transportation Department of the Central Trust Bureau, and was dispatched to Shanghai to work in the Central Trust Bureau in mid-October. I acted as the leader of the accounting team.

Soon, a committee for receiving materials in India was established, with Fang Zhaohao as the director. The materials in India were transported back to China by ocean instead of air transportation. At the same time, the CDS materials planned to be shipped to India by the United States were re-shipped to Shanghai, which needed to be received and managed by institutions. To this end, most of the staff of the Priority Division Distribution Group and the Accounting Group were dispatched to Shanghai. All staff were subordinate to the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui Special Commission Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and a foreign material group was established to take charge of the reception and other tasks. I flew to Shanghai on December 13th, 1945 with most of the staff in the accounting team. You Yinzhao, the former leader of the distribution group, was appointed as the leader of the new group, and I was responsible for import and delivery.

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